Capcom Sound Team LP - Mega Man Legends - Original Soundtrack

Mega Man Legends Composer Capcom Sound Team Format:Vinyl / 12" Album Label:Ship to Shore Catalogue No:STS123 Barcode:0616967900965 Genre:Computer Game Soundtrack No of Discs:2 Release Date:7 Jan 2022 Weight:458g Dimensions:312 x...
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Mega Man Legends

Track Listings
  • Disc 1
  • 1The Last Door
  • 2Trap of Deflector
  • 3Escape from the Tower
  • 4Hanmuru Doll Appears!
  • 5To Kattelox Island
  • 6Apple Market
  • 7Concerto of Harpsichord in D Minor (CD from Shop)
  • 8Feeling of Love?
  • 9Chase Brummbär!
  • 10We Are the 3 Bonne Brothers
  • 11Ferdinand!
  • 12Schmetterling of Bon Bonne
  • 13Teisel Bonne of the Gesellschaft
  • 14Maulwurf!
  • 15Sad Teisel Bonne
  • 16Reflection Room
  • 17The Sub-gate of Cardon Forest
  • 18Lakeside Town
  • 19The Bonne Family Burning With Vengeance
  • 20Balcon Gerät
  • Disc 2
  • 1Locked Up Balcon Gerät
  • 2The Sub-gate at Jyuin Gate
  • 3Garudoriten!
  • 4Flutter
  • 5The Sub-gate of Clozer Woods
  • 6Karumuna Bash!
  • 7Flutter Vs. Gesellschaft
  • 8Gesellschaft!
  • 9Foke-wulf!
  • 10The Main Gate
  • 11Theodore Bruno!
  • 12Reform
  • 13Present (By F. Chopin)
  • 14At a Place Nobody Knows
  • 15Original Hito Unit Residence
  • 16Guynie Toren!
  • 17Juno - Last Battle Physique (By JS Bach)
  • 18See You Again


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