Funeral Frost LP - Queen Of Frost (2lp)

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present a deluxe reissue of FUNERAL FROST€™s cult-classic debut album, Queen of Frost, on digipack CD and double-LP vinyl formats. 100 copies on white vinyl,...
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WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present a deluxe reissue of FUNERAL FROST€™s cult-classic debut album, Queen of Frost, on digipack CD and double-LP vinyl formats. 100 copies on white vinyl, 400 copies on classic black vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover with poster.

Formed in that fiery year of 1993, Sweden FUNERAL FROST are as perfect of a snapshot as any distro dust-gatherer currently being reissued. The band released two demos, 1994€™s Midnight Speeches and 1995€™s Demo 2, as well as a promo for their eventual debut album. That debut album, 1996€™s Queen of Frost, sadly was to be the band€™s only full-length, but its ancient fire still burns brightly today.

Both triumphant and melancholic, violent and resigned, hysteric and finessed, Queen of Frost brazenly displayed the full swathe of FUNERAL FROST€™s considerable arsenal. With a raw-yet-robust soundfield neither dampening nor exaggerating any of their dynamics, here did the Swedish trio spelunk in dungeons and raze battlefields alike, their screaming-into-the-nightsky sound surprisingly medieval and moody. Likewise, compared to so many of their blastbeating-all-the-time contemporaries, FUNERAL FROST shifted speeds often and never lingered too long in one, with the drums in particular ringing with authentically analog clarity. Add to this a subtle daubing of synths and Queen of Frost stands as a crucial tome for those into classic Arckanum, Kvist, Sorhin, and Norway€™s Perished.

Released on a fledging (and soon closed) label, FUNERAL FROST€™s Queen of Frost is at last unfrozen for posterity, with both preceding demos added as bonus tracks to the CD and on a separate LP for the vinyl version. The past is alive!

1. Queen Of Frost
2. Call Of The Night
3. Dominions Of The Wolfquin
4. Candles...
5. Crystalline Hoar Frost
6. Diamond Sword
7. Far Beyond The Ravenstar
8. Storm
9. Midnight Speeches
10. Whitering Roses
11.1. Wolfnacht
11.2. (Silence)
11.3. Bonus Track


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