Nunslaughter LP - Devils Congeries Vol.3 (2lp)

Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects a whopping "nine" NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs as well as a 12" EP to answer the black prayers of the band's rabid,...
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Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects a whopping "nine" NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs as well as a 12" EP to answer the black prayers of the band's rabid, diehard fanbase! Entitled "The Devil's Congeries Vol. 3", this 2-LP set is the next of eight exhaustive collections that will compile every single short-length NUNSLAUGHTER vinyl release - a band whose discography is bested number-wise only by Japan's Sabbat and Belgium's Agathocles.
1.How I Want to Die 01:12
2.We Bite (Misfits) 01:08
3.Terrorain (Septic Death) 01:49
4.Saw Me 01:38
5.Hell Yawns Before You 02:38
6.Shadow World 02:16
7.You Say My Name 02:15
8.Deathlehem 02:09
9.Unholy Scriptures 03:22
10.Jewrusalem 02:15
11.Unclaimed Cadaver 01:54
12.Burn the Cross 01:56
13.Ride My Nightmare 02:21
14.Burn the Cross (Sadist) 01:58
15.All of the Dead 02:04
16.Leave the Church Behind 01:28
17.Titan 02:35
18.Healing the Possessed 02:56
19.The Fog (Goatlord) 04:18
20.Nocturnal Hell (Slaughter) 03:42
21.Damned be the Souls 02:02
22.Satanic Slut (LP version) 02:12
23.Satanic Slut (Live California) 02:52
24.Satanic Slut (Bitch Mix) 02:12
25.Satanic Slut (Live Rhode Island) 02:29
26.Burn in Hell 01:45
27.I Am Death 01:54
28.Metallic Jam 00:30
29.Death by the Dead 01:57
30.Cataclysm 01:24
31.Altar of the Dead (Metal Assault on Sydney) 01:22
32.Death by the Dead (Metal Assault on Sydney) 01:39
33.In the Graveyard (Metal Assault on Sydney) 01:58
34.It is I (Metal Assault on Sydney) 02:54
35.The Fucking Witch (Metal Assault on Sydney) 02:53
36.Sickened by the Sight of Christ (Metal Assault on Brisbane) 03:27
37.Bring Me the Head of God (Metal Assault on Brisbane) 01:40
38.She Lives by Night (Metal Assault on Brisbane) 02:05
39.Ouija (Metal Assault on Brisbane) 03:18
40.As the Cacodemons Feast (Metal Assault on Canberra) 02:44
41.Raid the Convent (Metal Assault on Canberra) 02:23
42.Torment (Metal Assault on Canberra) 01:00
43.I Saw Your God Die (Metal Assault on Canberra) 01:37
44.Angelhunt (Metal Assault on Canberra) 02:16
45.Cerebus (Metal Assault on Canberra) 02:29
46.Church of Disgust (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 02:08
47.Sacrificial Zombie (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 02:00
48.Damned by the Souls (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 02:13
49.It Is I (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 03:20
50.Midnight Mass (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 03:39
51.Poisoned Priest (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 03:20
52.You Bleed (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 01:38
53.Nocturnal Hell (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 03:31
54.Black Horn of the Ram (Metal Assault on Melbourne) 01:56
55.Burning Away (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 01:33
56.The Devil (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 01:39
57.Mother, Cunt, Whore (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:03
58.Church Bizarre (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:26
59.NunSlaughter (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 03:36
60.Immune to Poison (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:29
61.Satanic Slut (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:28
62.Turn in Hell (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:31
63.Atheist Ways (Metal Assault on Adelaide) 02:43


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