Overkill LP Vinyl Record - The Atlantic Years 19 86-19 96

The Atlantic Years 19 8 6 -19 9 4 Artist: Overkill Performer Overkill Format:Vinyl / 12" Album Box Set Label:BMG Rights Management Catalogue No:4 05 05 3 8 6 7...
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The Atlantic Years 19 8 6 -19 9 4
Artist: Overkill


Format:Vinyl / 12" Album Box Set

Label:BMG Rights Management

Catalogue No:4 05 05 3 8 6 7 7 06 5

Barcode:4 05 05 3 8 6 7 7 06 5


No of Discs:6

Release Date:3 Dec 2021

Weight:2108 g

Dimensions:3 17 x 4 5 x 3 26 (mm)

Track Listings

Disc 1

1Deny the Cross

2Wrecking Crew

3 Use Your Head

4 Fatal If Swallowed

5 Powersurge

6 In Union We Stand

7 Electro-violence

8 Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)

9 Overkill III (Under the Influence)

Disc 2


2Never Say Never

3 Hello from the Gutter

4 Mad Gone World

5 Brainfade

6 Drunken Wisdom

7 End of the Line

8 Head First

Disc 3

1Time to Kill


3 I Hate

4 Nothing to Die For

5 Playing With Spiders/Skullkrusher

6 Birth of Tension

7 Who Tends the Fire

8 The Years of Decay

9 E.vil N.ever D.ies

Disc 4



3 Blood Money

4 Fear His Name

5 Thanx for Nothin'

6 Bare Bones

7 Horrorscope

8 New Machine

9 Frankenstein

10Live Young, Die Free

11Nice Day... For a Funeral


Disc 5

1Dreaming in Columbian

2I Hear Black

3 World of Hurt

4 Feed My Head

5 Shades of Grey

6 Spiritual Void

7 Ghost Dance

8 Weight of the World

9 Ignorance and Innocence


11Just Like You

Disc 6

1Where It Hurts

2Fast Junkie

3 The Wait - New High in Lows

4 They Eat Their Young

5 What's Your Problem

6 Under One

7 Supersonic Hate

8 R.I.P (Undone)

9 Up to Zero

10B**tard Nation

11Gasoline Dream


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