• Sep 14, 2016
  • by John Lodge

We caught up recently with Lucy Cates the face of the RockSax collection and asked her a couple of questions on life, fashion and unicorns vs pizza.

 1. You’re a world renown model on the scene, what made you choose to be the face of RockSax?

 Well, I’ve known the founder of Rock Sax, John for many years now, so he reached out to me asking me if I wanted to join the project. I checked out the brand & it fits alongside some aspects of my lifestyle & interests so I said ‘Yes I’ll do it!”

 2.Who is your favourite artist(music) and why?

Madonna - I have looked up to her since a child. There are many reasons which I could discuss & go into for a long period of time. However I will keep it simple, her style the ways he reinvents herself from a place of true self-development. She inspires me to be more, and teaches that anything is possible by her own success. I can relate to her songs/persona in the sense she is strong but her vulnerability with aspects of herself is what makes her who she is.

3.Being a model, you spend a lot of time in different outfits – What would you say is your own personal style?


 Yes I do. It’s a mixture of things, I never set out to be one thing or this or that. 1: I like characters & getting into different moods/head spaces 2: I have lots of different clothes given to me (so amalgamation of many people, situations and experiences in life which have given me clothing etc).

    4.What is your favourite RockSax design from this collection?

       It’s the peake patch backpack with the print on the pocket, I have this bag myself. It’s great as reflects my curiosity of discovery and ‘out there’ spiritual way of life.

      5.What was your favourite part of the recent photo shoot in Camden?

        It was how both how John & Laurence the photographer were so appreciative and lovely about having me shoot the campaign. I felt really valued & that makes a big difference. It was more of a contribution from all people involved, I wanted to reach out share my ideas & help them achieve the brief as I felt a part of the creation.

        6.What are your biggest achievements as a model and what publications have you been in?

         I could list some of the big campaigns that I’ve done. However I will tell you a valuable spiritual lesson I’ve learnt during my 5 years career so far.

         Life is truly what you make it, and what perspective you developed. Once you clearly make a plan of a goal you want to get to, focus on that thing, surround yourself with that elements of that desire. Magic will happen… That’s all you need to know the details of this or that aren’t important. It’s the progression, and the way you have movement into whatever you want in your life.

        7.The next RockSax shoot is set for later this year – Do you have any crazy ideas for the lifestyle shoot?

         I can’t say anything, you will have to wait and see……

          8.Finally…. What do you like more, Unicorns or Pizza?


            As much as pizza can be a enjoyable thing, it’s junky food.

            Unicorns are good for activating your imagination, and if we all did that the world would be a better place.