Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Another Side Of Bob Dylan: A Personal History On The Road And Off The Tracks
August 2014 marks 50 years since Bob Dylan released his fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan. Recorded in one night, in the middle of a turbulent year in his...
Bob Dylan - Chronicles Volume One
This is the first spellbinding volume of the three-volume memoir of one of the greatest musical legends of all time. In CHRONICLES Volume I, Bob Dylan takes us back to...
Bob Dylan LP - Blonde On Blonde
BOB DYLAN - Blonde On Blonde - Vinyl LP Record Artist Bob DylanProducer Bob JohnstonFormat:Vinyl / 12" AlbumLabel:Sony Music CMGCatalogue No:88875146311Barcode:0888751463110Genre:Singer/SongwriterNo of Discs:2Release Date:20 Nov 2015Running Time:72:50 minutesWeight:530gDimensions:310 x 7...
Bob Dylan LP - Blood On The Tracks
BOB DYLAN - Blood On The Tracks - Vinyl LP Record Format:Vinyl / 12" Album Label:Sony Music CMG Catalogue No:88697159481 Barcode:0886971594812 Genre:Singer/Songwriter No of Discs:1 Release Date:27 Oct 2007 Running...
Bob Dylan LP - Bob Dylan
BOB DYLAN - Bob Dylan - Vinyl LP Record Producer John HammondFormat:Vinyl / 12" AlbumLabel:Sony Music CMGCatalogue No:88985455271Barcode:0889854552718Genre:Singer/SongwriterNo of Discs:1Release Date:17 Aug 2018Weight:288gDimensions:308 x 12 x 166 (mm) Track Listings...
Bob Dylan LP - Highway 61 Revisited
BOB DYLAN - Highway 61 Revisited - Vinyl LP Record Producer Bob JohnsonFormat:Vinyl / 12" AlbumLabel:Sony Music CMGCatalogue No:88875146301Barcode:0888751463011Genre:Singer/SongwriterNo of Discs:1Release Date:20 Nov 2015Running Time:51:20 minutesWeight:262gDimensions:310 x 4 x 310...
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