Neil Young LP - The Classic Klos Fm Broadcast Vol.1

STUNNING MID-CAREER BROADCAST FROM NEIL YOUNG By the time Neil Young played The Cow Palace on his €˜Live In A Rusted Garage with Crazy Horse€™ tour of 1986, he had...
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By the time Neil Young played The Cow Palace on his €˜Live In A Rusted Garage with Crazy Horse€™ tour of 1986, he had already released 16 solo albums, three more with Buffalo Springfield and another three with Crosby, Stills & Nash - or members thereof. Across this staggering body of work, the overall quality and influence of his work by this juncture in his career was almost unsurpassed in the world of contemporary music. This spectacular show was caught in all its magnificence by KLOS FM, and broadcast across the airwaves for all to witness. The Palace held a particular resonance for Young; it was here that he recorded live a majority of tracks for Rust Never Sleeps in 1978. At well over two hours long, and boasting impeccable sound quality, on his return visit some 7 years later Young draws from his full catalogue of work, including the much-loved Buffalo Springfield number €˜Mr Soul€™ and classics €˜When You Dance I Can Really Love You€™ and €˜Down By The River€™. This performance at Cow Palace on the 21st November 1986 illustrates perfectly €“ if anyone were still in doubt - €˜what all the fuss is about€™. This stunning performance is now available on vinyl for the first time on this two-instalment set.
1. Introduction 1:23
2. Mr Soul 4:37
3. When You Dance, I Can Really Love 4:24
4. Down By The River 7:19
Total side length €“ 17:43

5. Too Lonely 2:36
6. Neil€™s Mom Calls 2:43
7. Heart Of Gold 3:51
8. After The Goldrush 4:52
Total side length €“ 14:02

9. Inca Queen 7:50
10. Drive Back 6:45
Total side length €“ 14:35

11. Opera Star 4:28
12. Sam Kinison Calls 1:30
13. Cortez The Killer 9:22
Total side length €“ 15:20


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