Richard Burton CD - Richard Burton's Poetry Album (Dylan Thomas / Hardy / Donne / Shakespeare Etc)

Richard Burton: The Voice - In Poetry Performer Richard Burton Format:CD / Album Label:Alto Catalogue No:ALN1503 Barcode:5055354415036 Genre:Poetry No of Discs:2 Release Date:27 Jan 2017 Running Time:130:53 minutes Weight:109g Dimensions:145...
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Richard Burton: The Voice - In Poetry

  • Format:CD / Album
  • Label:Alto
  • Catalogue No:ALN1503
  • Barcode:5055354415036
  • Genre:Poetry
  • No of Discs:2
  • Release Date:27 Jan 2017
  • Running Time:130:53 minutes
  • Weight:109g
  • Dimensions:145 x 5 x 125 (mm)
Track Listings
  • Disc 1
  • 1Dylan Thomas: To Begin at the Beginning
  • 2Dylan Thomas: A Winter's Tale
  • 3Dylan Thomas: In My Craft and Sullen Art
  • 4Dylan Thomas: The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower
  • 5Dylan Thomas: The Hand That Signed the Paper
  • 6Dylan Thomas: The Ballad of the Long-legged Bait
  • 7Dylan Thomas: Fernhill
  • 8Dylan Thomas: Hunchback in the Park
  • 9Dylan Thomas: Before I Knocked
  • 10Dylan Thomas: I See the Boys of Summer
  • 11Dylan Thomas: Lament
  • 12Anonymous: Desiderata
  • 13Edward Thomas: Adelstrop
  • 14Ernest Dowson: Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae
  • 15John Betjeman: Hunter Trials
  • 16Thomas Hardy: At Casterbridge Fair
  • 17Thomas Hardy: The Voice
  • 18Thomas Hardy: Weathers
  • 19Thomas Hardy: She Charged Me
  • 20John Donne: A Hymn to God the Father
  • 21John Donne: The Good Morrow
  • 22John Donne: Song - Go and Catch a Falling Star
  • 23John Donne: Song - Sweetest Love I Do Not Go
  • 24Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Frost at Midnight
  • 25William Shakespeare: Lines from Richard II
  • 26William Shakespeare: Lines from the Tempest
  • 27Dylan Thomas: Elegy (For My Father)
  • 28Dylan Thomas: Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
  • 29Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  • 30Dylan Thomas: And Death Shall Have No Dominion
  • Disc 2
  • 1Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • 2Thomas Hardy: In Tenebris
  • 3Thomas Hardy: Shut Out That Moon
  • 4Thomas Hardy: Reminiscences of a Dancing Man
  • 5Thomas Hardy: Let Me Enjoy
  • 6Thomas Hardy: Beyond the Last Lamp
  • 7Thomas Hardy: I Found Her Out There
  • 8Thomas Hardy: In the Servants' Quarters
  • 9Thomas Hardy: In the Study
  • 10Thomas Hardy: Timing Her
  • 11Thomas Hardy: Old Furniture
  • 12Thomas Hardy: At Castle Boterel
  • 13John Donne: Legacie
  • 14John Donne: The Anniversary
  • 15John Donne: A Nocturnall (Upon St. Lucy's)
  • 16John Donne: A Valediction - Forbidding Mourning
  • 17John Donne: The Extasie
  • 18John Donne: The Funerall
  • 19John Donne: The Relique
  • 20John Donne: At the Round Earth's Imagined Corner
  • 21John Donne: Death Be Not Proud


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